We established Zanjan Rooyparvar as major Company in 2010 to manufacture high quality Zinc ingots and Zamak. We expanded our capability by establishing Zangan Kaniparvarn Co. in 2018 as a subsidiary of major Co for the purpose of mineral processing; crushing separating of ores and also concentrating lead and Zinc minerals. Both COs are now well in place of 7 hectares includes units of leaching, pressure leaching of zinc sulfur, electrolysis, casting, production of zinc powder, cake washing, production of cobalt concentrate, anode and cathode manufacturing.

Goals and Values

We wanted to manufacture exceptional products to address domestic needs; now many top domestic COs like TarazSteel CO., Vehicle Steel Fabricator CO. welcome our products; nevertheless, we now able to export our products abroad to Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Oman, China and Russia. It is only fair to say that Co extended its annual production capacity to 13,500 tons with a grade of 99.99%. We have also been made 500 direct and 50 indirect jobs for roughly 1000 people who are occupied now.

Within these years CO has always been committed to quality and customer service, and receiving family of the world’s best-known quality management standard certificates which confirms this fact: ISO 14001, ISO 18001 and ISO 9001 certificates. In continuation of the goals of increasing the quantity of the CO's products we also procured R&D Research and Development license; and gained admission of domestic Quality Trademark Certificate. In order to deliver better possibility controlling of our activities we successfully achieved Laboratory Accreditation of Iranian National Standardization license.

گروه ماشین سازی هامون


During these several years of effort, the CO succeeded in receiving some positive attention, notably from the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran where we presented with Certificates of Appreciation and 1st province’s exemplary industrial unit in National Day of Industry and Mining registered in calendar by the head of industry, mining and trade of the province for several consecutive years. As a further matter we have been undertaking an admissible effort in charitable activities and NGOs.