about us

Roy Prover Zanjan Company was established in 1389 on a land with an area of ​​7 hectares, located in the specialized industrial town of Roy Zanjan. Currently, this company produces about 20,000 tons of zinc ingots annually. The grade of produced ingots is 99.99% and the grade of disturbing elements such as lead is below 50 ppm. This quality of production has caused that large manufacturing companies in industries such as automobile sheets - which are consumers of zamak ingots produced by Roy Prover Company - galvanized sheet and steel companies, are the main domestic customers and countries of Turkey, UAE, and Oman. , Russia and China become export destinations.
Currently, the number of direct personnel working in this complex is 450 people and significant indirect jobs have also been secured, which is hoped to play a role in the future with the help of government institutions by improving the employment and economic situation and creating new job opportunities. play a more effective role in Zanjan province.
It should be noted that the level of education of the personnel of Roy Prover and Kani Provar Zangan is as follows:
1 person with a doctorate degree
6 people with a master's degree
57 people with a bachelor's degree
15 people with associate degrees
215 people have a diploma and 220 people have a diploma
Over the years, Roy Prover Company has been able to obtain a research and development license, a commercial standard mark application license, a partner laboratory certificate of the National Standard Organization, an ISO 14001 certificate, an ISO 18001 certificate, and an ISO 9001 certificate. Various such as: exemplary industrial unit of the province, selected company of the national day of industry and mining, exemplary health and safety unit and received a certificate of appreciation from the Central Bank of Iran.


Zangan mineral processing company

Kani Proran Zangan mineral processing company was established in 2017 on a land of two and a half hectares, located next to the Zinc Prover company, with the aim of supplying zinc concentrate and producing side concentrates from input feed. This complex has crushing, flotation and heavy media units, the nominal capacity of which is 300,000 tons of input feed per year, from which 30,000 tons of side concentrate is produced. Currently, about 65 people are working in Kani Proran factory.
The main production products of Kani Proran Company are consumed in Roy Prover Company and partner companies such as Parham Roy and Royin Tala, and the lead concentrate product is sent to Zob Rangin Zrb Metals Company or lead smelting companies such as Pb and Zn in Iran. And the sulfur concentrate is consumed in the sulfur leaching unit and the excess production enters other domestic and foreign markets.