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Zanjan breeder company

Roy Prover Zanjan Company was established in 1389 on a land with an area of ​​7 hectares, located in the specialized industrial town of Roy Zanjan. Currently, this company produces about 20,000 tons of zinc ingots annually. The grade of produced ingots is 99.99% and the grade of disturbing elements such as lead is below 50 ppm.

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ingot Zinc

The most important product of Prover Zinc Industrial Group is the production of zinc ingots with 99.99% purity, zinc metal, which is blue-white or silver in color, due to its characteristics such as reactivity with iron, resistance to corrosion Read More

ingot zamak

Zamak is an alloy of zinc, aluminum and copper, which is widely used in the automotive industry, valves, fittings, etc. Roy Peror Production Company is the first producer of zamak ingots in Zanjan province, and due to its certified qualityRead More

Zinc oxide concentrate

The supply of primary feedstock for the production of ingots is done from incoming soils at Mineral Processing Company of Zangan Minerals. The incoming soils are produced after crushing and grinding in heavy media or flotation units in the grade required for Roy Prover Company.Read More

Sulfuric acid concentrate

The mineral load containing zinc, if it contains zinc sulphide, enters the flotation circuit of Kaniproran Zangan Mining Company, and the zinc sulphide is enriched and separated from the zinc oxide concentrate. Read More

lead concentrate

Mineral load containing zinc, if it contains lead oxide and sulfur minerals, enters the flotation circuit of Kaniproran Zangan Company, and its lead is separated from the zinc concentrate during enrichment. Read More

lead ingot

The lead concentrate produced in the lead non-ferrous metal casting company enters the production circuit and after several stages and separation of disturbing elements, the final extraction is done and lead ingots are produced. Read More

Cobalt concentrate

Cobalt cake resulting from the stage of removing cobalt and manganese in the solution unit of Roy Prover Company, enters the cobalt unit of Roy Prover Company for the production of cobalt concentrate. Read More

Zinc hydroxide

The waste cake removed from the zinc ingot production cycle enters the cake washing unit (BZS) to reprocess the zinc contained in it. In this unit, the zinc contained in the cake is separated from the final tailings in several stages and the zinc hydroxide product is produced with an average grade of 20% Read More